2019 Summer Wedding Color Trends

2019 Summer Wedding Color Trends

Are you ready for my favorite 2019 Summer Wedding Color Trend? Bright royal blue is a classic color that has been in and out of wedding color trends for many years. Now it is back to play with sassy coral and pink accents! This creates a bohemian-ish yet elegant palette that is bright, approachable and just down right beautiful. This color combo is just perfect for amping up your summer day wedding with mesmerizing pops of stunning color.

2019 Summer Wedding Color Trends

You can utilize the bright royal blue as the base color, popping in accents of coral and pink throughout. Try adding pops of pink in your bouquets while still having the royal blue as part of it too. And don’t forget your invitation suite! This is where you can combine all 3 colors into the most beautiful invitation.

This is just one of many 2019 summer wedding color trends that I simply can’t wait for! What is a color trend that you are hoping to see this summer?

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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