Interview with a florist – Posies & Pine

Interview with a florist

Let me introduce you to Megan Harris, from Posies & Pine, a local florist out of Mequon, Wisconsin. I had the pleasure of meeting Megan at the Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co Open House Expo in January of 2018 and we hit it off right away!

How did you decide to become a florist?

My love for all things flowers began at a young age at my parent’s nursery just outside Chicago. After spending many years there, I made my way to Boulder, CO to attend CU. What started as a part-time job washing buckets at a local flower shop evolved into learning how to design from some amazing women. After graduating, I realized my true passion was flowers & I haven’t looked back since!

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

I’ve been in the wedding industry since I was 16, but I’ve been in the wedding floral industry since I was 18. It’s crazy to think it’ll be 10 years this year!

In the past few years, how have wedding floral arrangements changed?

Trends are funny in the wedding industry. Some things seem to never change (I’m talking to you blush & ivory), but I think that’s because they’re solid classics. Throughout the years I’ve seen some trends come and go, and they’re always fun to experiment with. When I first started in Colorado, it seemed like every bride wanted wildflowers with burlap & mason jars. Then it moved onto incorporating succulents everywhere. Now that I’m in Wisconsin, the trend seems to be lush greenery with pops of flowers, which I LOVE!

What are your favorite styles/themes for weddings?

My favorite style would have to be boho with moody colors & blooms. Whenever I get the opportunity to design in this scheme, the opportunites seem endless. There are so many awesome and funky flowers out there that I don’t typically get to use, so it’s always exciting when a bride is a bit adventurous and is willing to go the funky route. I think this stems from learning floral design out in Boulder, CO, where things are a bit more laid back and wild, so it gives me an opportunity to get back to my routes per se.

Living in Wisconsin, how does weather affect the floral choices during the seasons?

This is my first wedding season in Wisconsin, so I’m still figuring it out myself. This (endless) winter, however, definitely put a dent in some local crops & pushed blooms back a month or two. I am super excited though to use some local flowers this year. Coming from Colorado, there weren’t many local flowers because of the dry climate, so it’ll be fun to see what Wisconsin has to offer.

What are some tips or advice you can give to recently engaged couples when it comes to floral arrangements for their wedding?

I would recommend being open to your florist’s recommendations. It’s always hard when a couple has their hearts set on a certain flower or exact arrangement, because you never know what mother nature (& the wholesalers) will have up their sleeves. There are so many awesome flowers out there that most people don’t know exist, so it’s fun to leave some of the creativity up to your florist since it’s their specialty. I’d recommend bringing in a style that you like & letting your florist use their creative freedom to come up with something similar but unique to the couple. 

Tell us 3 things that not a lot of people know about you.

1. I’m obsessed with my 2 dogs. They are the best shop dogs around & you can usually find them hanging out in my studio with me.
2. Going garage sale-ing is one of my favorite weekend activities. Most of my rentals & wedding decor was found thrifting at garage sales & local flea markets.
3. I love gardening. I am currently in the process of turning my backyard into a cut garden for Posies & Pine. I’m looking forward to an endless amount of hops for all of my brewery brides 🙂 

If you are interested in hiring Megan / Posies & Pine as your wedding florist or other special event, head on over to her website to see more examples of work she has done or to contact her directly. You won’t be disappointed!

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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