Difference between an independent wedding planner versus an on-site venue coordinator

What is the difference between an independent wedding planner versus an on-site venue coordinator?

Boy that was a mouthful! However, this is a question that I often hear couples ask. So let’s dive in and learn the differences.

There is A LOT of misconception that the roles of the on-site venue coordinator are the same as those of an independent wedding planner. Both are equally important but have very different roles.

Many venues offer the convenience of having an on-site venue coordinator. The on-site venue coordinator is there to represent the VENUE, but not necessarily the bride and groom themselves. Their main job is answering questions about the venue itself. They may help you with the day-of coordination but nothing beyond that.

As an independent wedding planner, my loyalty is to YOU, my client! My job is to determine what level of service you need — full planning, partial planning or just wedding day-of management — and meet those expectations. It is also my job to help you with vendor selection, attend vendor meetings, look over contracts and other very important items that you might not have time for.

If you are in this situation, interview your on-site venue coordinator, identify exactly what their duties include and then hire an independent wedding planner to pick up the missing pieces. Your wedding planner will be back at your venue to prepare things exactly the way you envision them while you’re busy working and living your life in the months leading up to your wedding.

The bottom line is you really could use them both for your big day!

Did you have just an on-site venue coordinator? Or just an independent wedding planner? Did you have the pleasure of using both? Share your story below to help other couples see what their best route is.

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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