Friday Favorites – Top 5 Creative Proposal Ideas

Top 5 Creative Proposal Ideas

Sometimes it may be hard to think of creative proposal ideas when you are planning to pop the question to the one you love. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are my top 5 creative proposal ideas that won’t break the bank or require you to live in an exotic location.

  1. The coffee lovers

    This is for all those who just LOVE coffee! You can execute this proposal with one simple item. A coffee cup that says “will you marry me?” at the bottom. Make your significant other breakfast with a cup of coffee one morning and when the coffee is gone, get ready to bring that gorgeous ring out.

    Creative Proposal Ideas coffee cupPhoto courtesy of Mack & Madi
  2. The nature lovers

    If you are a couple that loves being outdoors together, incorporate that into your proposal. You could go on your favorite hiking trail or the very first trail you walked as a couple and propose there. Have a friend or family member help out and stage a little picnic stopping point and ask the big question when your significant other sees the stopping point.

    Creative Proposal Ideas picnic
  3. The beach lovers

    What could be more romantic than watching the sunset over the ocean (or lake) while you propose to the love of your life? All you need is a blanket, courage, the ring and your significant other. That simple yet such a romantic proposal!

    Creative Proposal Ideas beach or lake
  4. The city lovers

    Do you live in a big city and love the city life? This proposal idea is for you then! Go to your favorite restaurant, famous art piece or favorite building – extra points if it is on a rooftop – and pop the question. It will give you the hustle and bustle feel of a city but still intimate just for the two of you.

    Creative Proposal Ideas restaurant
  5. The pet lovers

    If you love your pets, this one is for you! Swap out their normal collar for something a little fancier and have a custom tag that says “will you marry me?” or something completely custom to the two of you.

    Creative Proposal Ideas petsPhoto courtesy of Berkley and Bean


These are just a few examples of creative proposal ideas. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is make it personal to the two of you. Did you have a child or children together? Have them get involved with the proposal. Do you both have a really close knit family? Get everyone involved in the surprise! There really is no wrong way to propose … well … maybe via text or email haha.

What are some ideas that you thought of? How did you pop the question or how was the question popped to you? Share your creative proposal ideas below!

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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