Friday Favorites – Wedding food trends

Wedding food trends

Couples ask me all the time how important their reception dinner selection really is. It is most certainly one of the few things your guest will remember about your wedding day, so why not wow them with your selection! Some upcoming wedding food trends are classic but updated just enough to feel new again.

All about the veggies

During spring and summer, fresh produce is all around us. And since warm-weather months are primetime for tying the knot, bright and beautiful food is hitting the wedding scene once again.

Elevated classics

Weddings are the perfect time to take your favorite dishes and make them a little extra special. So if you love tacos, why not take it up a notch and serve lobster tacos—either passed or as a small plate.

Chilled soup shooters

This is a fun one that many couples don’t think of!! A contrast to fall and winter’s warming appetizers, spring and summer are the perfect time to refresh guests with seasonal gazpacho ‘soup sips’ or ‘soup shooters.’

Family-style crudite

Beautifully full and rustic family-style crudite platters are a huge trend this year. And there is always a little something for everyone.

All things light and healthy

Fresh and light is everything in 208. With so many courses served at weddings these days, it is so important to not weigh down your guests. There is a dance floor calling their name later in the evening!


What types of food items have you seen at other weddings that you thought was brilliant (or not so brilliant) that stuck out in your mind?

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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