Travel – What to pack for a destination wedding

Ever wonder or stress out about what to pack for a destination wedding?

The last thing you need to worry about with your destination wedding is you forgot to pack something! Of course you wouldn’t forget the wedding attire or wedding rings. You wouldn’t forget your swim suit if you were going somewhere with a pool or ocean. Would you remember to bring copies of all payments made to your vendors? That could be a detail that isn’t important until it is important and needed!!

What if there was a list you could print out and check off the items as they get packed? You are in luck! Here is the ultimate checklist for what to pack for a destination wedding!

Click on the text to download a FREE copy of Travel – Destination Wedding Packing List!

I Do And Company Travel Destination Wedding Packing List

What are some of the important items you brought with for your destination wedding? What are some items you forgot to bring that you wish you had with? Share them in the comments so I can continue to grow the list for all of you!

xoxo Mandy at I Do And Company

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