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Winter 2017

Wedding Trends - Color Themes

  • Pine tree with snow falling down

    Living in Wisconsin means there will be snow during our winter months, which typically include the months of December through March. Many couples are nervous about having their wedding in the winter but with the worry also comes excitement!

    There are SO many fun things you can do and color palettes you can incorporate with a winter wedding that you just can't pull off in the other seasons.

    I love a deep, rich color for a wedding theme and now is the perfect time to pull those out! Have you ever thought about having your main color be a rich strawberry or deep cranberry? Look at this gorgeous palette from magnetStreet! I love how they tie in actual cranberries in the bouquet!

    Gorgeous winter bouquet with soft pinks, bold reds and grey

    Nothing says winter more than faux fur coats! Typically you wouldn't associate browns with a wedding, but when it is a subtle accent color in the form of faux fur or branches, it can look quite elegant and sophisticated, like this amazing photograph from Cory Ryan.

    Bride and bridesmaids wearing fur coats in a winter wedding photo

    Head over to our Facebook page to discuss what some of your favorite winter wedding colors are!