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Spring 2018

Wedding Trends - Bouquet Ideas

  • Flowers and tools for putting together a wedding bouquet

    Spring is such a beautiful season! With all the flowers starting to bloom, the ideas come flooding in for bouquets and boutonnieres!

    I love when florists combine items that typically don't belong together! This really makes for a unique bouquet. Like this one from Flora Fetish where you can see a pheasant feather and crystals combined to make a very elegant and unique wedding bouquet!

    Wedding bouquet with pink roses, pheasant feathers and crystals

    Having a beach themed wedding? No problem! Just add some seashells for a "Little Mermaid" inspired wedding bouquet like this one from The Majestic Vision. You might consider having a second one made for the toss bouquet though.

    Wedding bouquet made of sea shells, crystals and ribbon

    What are some of your favorite new trends for wedding bouquets? Head over to our Facebook page to discuss your ideas with us!